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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bones 8.18: Couples

Mathew Brady's inglorious photographs of the Civil War were the first extensive record ever made by camera of a war.    The work of the man who spelled his name with a single "t" would forever change the way people looked at war.  Tonight, photographs of one of the many horrible wars fought by children in the past decades play a major role in Bones 8.18.

But, again, the best parts of the show are what happens to our characters and their relationships.  Arastoo and Cam have been a happy, covert couple for a while, known only to Hodgins who of course confided in Angela.   It's time they stepped into the light - hey, this is Bones we're talking about, office romances between consenting adults are the lifeblood of the show - but it's never easy.  Arastoo, usually the epitome of sanity and calm, lashes out at Hodgins over not cracking the case quickly enough.   We learn near the end that Arastoo's cousin was a child soldier in the first Gulf War, which understandably makes Arastoo especially sensitive on the subject.   He explains this to Cam - after his intemperate outburst earlier and not wanting to talk about it her after that - and this provides the occasion for a nice passionate hug.   Just in time to be seen not only by Hodgins and Angela (who's happy that she can now publicly talk about this) but Bones as well, who, of course, at first does not get what she's seeing.

Later that evening, she tells Booth all about this over wine at home.  They've been bickering this episode about where to go on vacation - actually, a continuing issue for the couple, with Booth wanting to have fun and Bones wanting some intellectual purpose to the vacation.  (I confess, I'm with Bones when it comes to this.)  But they finally reach an agreement about some suitable spot in Thailand, with ancient relics and a great beach.   A good night for couples on Bones tonight - Cam and Arastoo, Angela and Hodgins, and Bones and Booth.  I hope they'll take some pictures if they ever get there - far  more uplifting than what Mathew Brady showed us.

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