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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bones 8.20: On Camera

Ever see yourself in a video?  Usually takes some getting used to - meaning, at first you think you look and sound far worse than you imagine yourself to be, and you really are.  In Bones 8.20 we get a good treatment of this reality, as Andrew comes calling at the Jeffersonian with a video camera strapped to his head.   The Jeffersonian is having him do a documentary about the great work done on its premises.

Now, the actresses and actors on the show of course have seen themselves on camera many times, and no doubt have a lot of well warranted confidence about they look on screen.  But the characters they play ... well that's of course an entirely different story.

Most of the characters are chuffed.   Hodgins in fact is thrilled and Cam is pretty happy at the prospect of being a star in the Jeffersonian movie.  Bones, of course, is not.   She uses the shield of saying she doesn't want anything interfering with her and the team's important work, but she's really insecure about how she'll come across in the movie.   In a self-fulfilling loop, Bones indeed comes across as a little haughty, and Edison is brought in to give the Jeffersonian team a more engaging face.   Edison's a natural, and just about everyone ends up happy - including Caroline, who instantly clicks with Andrew, off as well as on camera.

But not Bones.  Looking at herself on camera at the end of the episode, she laments that she looks "mean".   Earlier, the best that Cam can say when Bones asks her if she (Bones) is likable is ...  likability is  "subjective," Bones is "brilliant," she (Cam) likes Bones.   A bunch of faint praise - which at least gives Bones an opportunity to get off the best line of the night - "Pol Pot couldn't have been likable" - submitted in evidence that likability is not just subjective.

But let's cut to the nitty gritty.  Booth, at the end, reassures Bones that she is indeed likable - a "nice person" - just as he every week provides evidence that she's lovable.  And I'm with Booth on this.   So what if Bones speaks her mind and doesn't just go along with all the daily mind-numbing routines?  She's nice in the ways that count - loyalty to those she cares about, loyalty to the pursuit of truth in her profession - and that makes for an eminently likable character on television.

Alright, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up ...

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