Monday, March 11, 2013

The Walking Dead 3.13: The Deal

A sit down between Rick and Blake the Governor tonight in The Walking Dead 3.13.   Now you know it can't and won't be that easy - no way Rick and Blake can reach any kind of deal.  If there was a shred of doubt about the Governor's duplicity, that was gone as soon as we saw the gun that the Governor had for himself under the table, after he made such a big display of putting his own weapon down.  Of course, Rick is too smart to be fooled by that display, and wisely keeps his own firearm within easy reach.

No, what was actually surprising in tonight's episode is how close Rick seems to accepting the deal that the Governor offers.   True, Michonne only completely became one of us last week (or even more recently in Walking Dead time).  But it isn't like Rick not to have completely rejected the Governor's offer to leave in peace for the price of Michonne - who took out the Gov's eye - rather than going back to the prison and asking Hershel to talk him out of it.

Maybe Rick is still not completely recovered from Lori's death.   Or maybe there is a deeper lesson here: when Rick asks Hershel if he would be willing to sacrifice his daughters, if there was any chance that giving up Michonne could save them, Hershel doesn't answer.  He's the moral tower on the show, so, if he doesn't answer, does that mean Rick's not completely wrong to consider giving up Michonne?

I'm hoping there's something else going on.  Rick also says that he expects the Governor will kill everyone even if Michonne is given up - which we the audience know is true.  Is Rick thinking there's some sort of play in which he can pretend to give up Michonne, to get some sort of jump on the Governor?

Meanwhile, it's not as if the Governor is invulnerable.  His seconds in command now both seem more decent than he, not to mention Andrea's continuing underlying affinity for our team.  One thing is sure: The Walking Dead continues to present stories worthy of Greek tragedy and Shakespeare - that is, the human soul in the highest state of siege - in the wrappings of a good old zombie tale.

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