Monday, May 27, 2013

Mad Men 6.9: Don and Betty

Well, who would have thought I'd be writing a review of a Mad Men episode that I call "Don and Betty" after all of these years?   Well, sure, it could have been about Don and Betty having one of their caustic arguments, or about some big problem or crisis with one of the kids.  But -

This episode was about Don and Betty in bed together, on a visit to son Bobby's summer camp, and a superb piece of story it was.

We first see Betty and Don from her backside, as she's leaning over a car, and attracting the rapt attention of the gas attendant whom Don is walking up to.  I'd recognize that ass anywhere, you can almost hear Don thinking.  The two go on to flirt at the camp, and when Betty walks into her room but leaves the door open, you know something transcendant is about to happen.

The dialogue is primo.  Betty asks Don what he's doing as he kisses her, Don responds "waiting for you to tell me to stop," but that turns out to be the last thing Betty wants at this time and place.  We've seen earlier how Betty enjoys being desired, but what's surprising is how much she enjoys this now from Don.

After, as they're in bed together smoking her menthol cigarette, Betty observes how much she loves what Don looks after they make love, but how that look will start to decay as his attention drifts elsewhere.   One of the best, most perceptive bits of dialogue not only in the series, but in a conversation between lovers in any fiction I've seen or read.

Betty also makes a memorable remark about Megan not realizing that the more she loves Don the more that will push him away, and the brief magical interlude is over.   When Don comes into the dining hall the next morning, he sees Betty-  but she's with Henry, and she's laughing and presumably having a good time.

I could talk about about some of the other fine threads in last night's episode - especially Peggy's consistent poor luck in love - but I don't want to detract or distract from that moment stolen in time with Betty and Don, or let it decay.

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