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Friday, December 12, 2014

Gracepoint Finale: Satisfying and More Realistic in the End

Well, I was having my doubts about Gracepoint - the American remake of the excellent British Broadchurch - all season, because there frankly were not enough differences between the two series to make the American Gracepoint worth watching.   I mean, well acted, for sure - David Tennant as the lead detective (now named Carver) was strong and sensitive, as he was as Hardy in Broadchurch, and Breaking Bad's Anna Gun was top-notch as his second in command Ellie Miller - but other than Carver not actually sleeping with the blonde inn keeper (a change for the worse), I can't recall any significant differences between the two series.

Until tonight's ending - which I've got to say, was better than the ending of Broadchurch.  Joe Miller as the killer was a stretch in Broadchurch, a wild enough twist, except that it was mostly unmotivated.   The same would have been true in Gracepoint, where we saw even less of Joe through the story than we did of Joe in Broadchurch - so Gracepoint went ahead and pulled out another rabbit from the narrative hat, and one which makes more sense.

Tom, furious at what he saw going on between his father and Danny, swings at his father with a hockey stick and hits Danny.   And then, to protect his son - and feeling guilty because it was his, Joe's, lust for Danny that put of all this in motion - Joe takes the rap for Danny when he can't keep this all to himself any longer.  That makes more sense.

And it also opens the story up to what happens after, as Carver, the brilliant detective, begins to realize what actually happened, and moves to confront Ellie about it.   And that's where Gracepoint ends - at least, for now.  A good place to end, I think, with Carver's brooding face on the screen.

So, I would say that Gracepoint was worth watching, if only for this new, more satisfying and realistic ending, which was effective indeed.  Broadchurch is returning with a second season, which I'll definitely watch.  Hey, I'd be up for a second season of Gracepoint at this point, too.

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