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Monday, December 15, 2014

Homeland 4.11: The Twist

Homeland this season has been looking more like 24 at its best, which in my book is strong indeed. Important people being killed, people like Max therefore moving up into more prominent positions, characters from the almost-past coming back in pivotal roles - all of that keeps the story a little dangerously off-balance, never quite allowing us to get our bearings as viewers, which makes for fine television indeed.

Consider, for example, Dar Adal.  He seemed something of a snake last season, ostensibly supporting Saul but also always on the verge of knifing him in the back, or so it seemed.  In tonight's episode he resurfaces at the very end.   But as what?

 photo homeland_krieg_nicht_lieb_zps98e6230a.pngAt very least, he's the reason Carrie doesn't take a shot at Haqqani, after she stops Quinn from killing Haqqani to save Quinn's life (we just knew Quinn couldn't succeed, because he never quite does, however well he plans), and after that Pakistani military guy who seems not that bad but somehow never or rarely does the right thing gets in Carrie's face right there in the street with Haqqini's car driving slowly by, slowly enough for Carrie to shoot. But what stops Carrie is the sight of Dar Adal in the backseat of the car - the car with Haqqani.

Doing what?   Is Dar the new CIA chief, or on his way to becoming that, and the U.S. is now negotiating with Haqqani?   Hard to believe.  Or was Dar in league with Haqqani all along, that is, working with a terrorist, against US and even some Pakistani interests?   That's a little easier to believe, but also doesn't seem quite right.

What is clear is that Carrie's fate is to some extent, and against most odds, more in Dar's hands now than anyone else's.   Whatever Dar's ultimate motives, his presence in this pit severely restricts Carrie's range of action - that is, unless Dar is somehow, and after all of this, a good guy.

You just never know with Homeland, especially this season, which is a large part of what is making this season so good.

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