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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Homeland 4.10: The List

Homeland 4.10 continues the best season of the series, which has been superb indeed, especially in the last half dozen episodes.

The big question tonight is whether Lockhart - former Senator, now CIA Director - was right to give up the list of CIA assets, which, in Haqqani's hands, will cripple to eradicate  US cover operations in the area.  Before we judge Lockhart too quickly, it must be noted that he was putting his own life at risk, and likely death. Also, it was Haqqani's response to receipt of the list, in particular his spiteful knifing of Fara - to punish her, I suppose, for betraying her people in Haqqani's eyes - that galvanized Quinn into attacking and wounding Haqqani, a development that may yet prove Haqqani's undoing. And, a few of our people, who would have been systematically killed if Lockhart hadn't provided the list, managed to survive.

Still - had it not been for Quinn, everyone inside and outside the locked room, including the Ambassador, likely would have been killed or at least taken hostage by Haqqani, due to Lockhart's opening the door.  So, I guess, on balance, he was wrong.  But Carrie was right when she later tells him it was a tough call.

Meanwhile Quinn, who's always a great character, really was outstanding tonight, to the point of being my favorite character in the series.  I can't quite say the same for Saul. Although he came back into his own during the actual battle in the street, I'm surprised he left Carrie at the end to travel back to the U.S.  He's damaged, I know, but I'm hoping maybe he'll reconsider next week. Brilliant acting by Mandy Patinkin, by the way - the best he's given in the entire series.

As events continue spiralling more wilding out of control in Pakistan, Homeland is spinning up into the best it's ever been, which is one memorable piece of television drama indeed.

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