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Monday, May 23, 2016

Outlander 2.7: Further into the Future

Outlander 2.7 did have a superb and somewhat shocking beginning: Claire even further into the future than we've ever seen her, in the 1950s, in America, and with a red-headed little girl who surely (though you never know) is Jamie's child.   This set up the rest of the episode, back in 1740s France, pretty nicely.

It showed that somehow, Black Jack was still able to be the ancestor of Frank, unless - as I discussed last week - Jack already had impregnated Mary, or, she was impregnated by someone else, likely Jack's brother.  But the news that Jack survived the wound Jamie gave him is surprising enough - and to some extent, not completely believable, given what we saw of Black Jack at the end of the duel last week.

Claire losing Jamie's baby was also a surprising touch, as was Claire at first hating Jamie for dueling with Jack, since the net result of both would be no baby for Claire in the future, contrary to what we saw at the beginning.   This set up the reconciliation between Jamie and Claire pretty well, though we still haven't clue why Claire decided to go back to the future in the flash-forward at the beginning of this season.

Claire with the King of France was ok and interesting, though I'm getting tired of the French court, and glad that the action will be shifting back to Scotland, where it was last season.  Indeed, I'd have been happy with just half of the episodes so far this season in France, and Jamie and Claire back in Scotland already, as long as the shortened time in France had the Mother Superior and the dog.  But, hey, our heroes will now presumably be back in Scotland next week, and I'm looking forward.

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