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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

12 Monkeys 2.5: Jennifer's Story

A not terribly significant 12 Monkeys 2.5 the other night - that is, not in terms of paradoxes in your face that threaten not only history as our characters know it but time itself - but a nonetheless satisfying episode because it finally gives us the lion's share of an hour devoted to Jennifer.

Up until the plague as the greatest threat and Cassie and Cole modifying history to make the plague at least a tad less apocalyptic, Jennifer was in many ways the most key player, because she was the one who uncorked the plague.  But Cole talked her out this, in front of a skeptical Cassie who wanted to kill Jennifer instead, and in the aftermath we've been confined to seeing Jennifer as a much older woman in the future which her not releasing the plague had brought into being.

On Monday night, we get to see Jennifer in her prime again - a primary in her prime, not to make too big a deal about this.   But not only is Jennifer in top form, she gets to partner with Cassie who's come back from the future to help her save the future.

The partnership actually helps both of them.  Cassie obviously can steer and pull Jennifer out of deadly situations.  But in their conversations, Cassie comes to appreciate Jennifer, and provide sage and comforting advise, as befits Cassie's role as a physician.   And this benefits Cassie, too, as she regains some of her humanity in a physician-heal-thyself way with Jennifer.

The future part of this episode, on the other hand, was a little lackluster, mainly because I can't really care whether Deacon lives or dies, and Cole and Ramse's plan to kill Deacon was predictably flawed. Hey, if you really want to kill someone, don't cleverly leave the job in other hands, just put a gun to his head and do it yourself.  This,  I would think, would be all too obvious to people like Ramse and Cole.

Anyway, the future beckons - as in the next episode next week - when I'll be back here with more.

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