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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Game of Thrones 6.6: The Exhortation

Well, the high point of Game of Thrones 6.6 was at the very end - just like the high point of last week's 6.5 - except this time it was Daenerys astride her dragon, exhorting her Dothraki army to sail across the sea with her to reclaim her throne.   Except while last week's ending was a great, fantastical resolution of a neat little paradoxical story, this week's was long overdue. Daenerys should have making that speech at least a season or two ago.

Still, it was good to see, and with it the approaching battle to end all battles, between the fire-spewing dragons and the awesome icy powers of the far north, and the various kingdoms of mostly just plain old human beings sandwiched in between.

Tonight's episode also had a continuation of the Shakespearean retelling of the fall of the House of Lannister we saw last week.  This play within a play was a nice, unexpected touch.

As for what's happened with the actual Lannisters, that's another story, and a bit worn at this point, too.   Tommen turns out to not only be a lot sweeter than his brother, but also something of a bore. His exile of his uncle-really-father serves no real purpose except getting Jaime out of town, never the best move in a narrative.

On the other hand, we finally get a good, long Samwell story in 6.6, with a look at his despicable father, decent and long-suffering mother, and a chance for Samwell to continue to stand up and act like a man,   Or, almost.  He sneaks away in the night rather than standing up to his father, but his taking of the Valyrian sword was a notable moment and promises some profound developments ahead.

Which is true of Game of Thrones in general, and I'll be looking forward to it all.

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