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Friday, May 20, 2016

Banshee: Ends

Well, after I complained about last week's next-to-last episode of Banshee, Andy Page of Dark UFO told me that tonight's finale, which he had been lucky enough to see, was "very satisfying".  I'm glad to concur.   Most of it was about as good as it gets - as good as it gets for Banshee, which, being in some ways one of best shows ever to have been on television, is very good indeed.

My problem with last week's episode was the trite serial killer with horns being Rebecca's killer.  She deserved much more.   I mean, I didn't want her die, but if she had to, then I wanted the killer to be someone much more significant than an extra from Criminal Minds.

You can't get much more significant in Banshee than Burton - he was in many ways my favorite character.  His combination of cool, loyalty, calm and deadly defense of Proctor and himself make him one of the most memorable characters on television.  I can't bring myself to say villain, because even now, revealed as Rebecca's killer, I can't think all that badly of him.  And that's saying a lot, too, because Rebecca was one of my favorite characters on the show, too.   Big kudos to Matthew Rauch and Lili Simmons for indelibly beautiful performances as these two.

Proctor, perfectly performed by Ulrich Thomsen, also was a peak, unforgettable character.   I was unhappy, as I said, when Rebecca turned up dead in the first episode of this final season, but in retrospect she was the beginning of the end of all three in Proctor's household.  Her death was thus a deftly presented calling card for what was to come.

Hood, Job, and Sugar all make resonating exits, too, each in his own way.  There was a nice evocative poetry in the three of them leaving.   None of them, including Sugar, ever really belonged in Banshee - I'm talking about the town not the show, that's why it's not italicized -  so it was deeply right that all three left.  Good work by Antony Starr, Hoon Lee, and Frankie Faison in these roles.

And what about Anna/Carrie (well played by Ivana Milicevic), and her decision not to leave?  Not as clear, and though I can understand why she needed to stay in town, to provide an anchor for her kids, her not leaving with Hood is the only thing that didn't quite ring true in this finale.   But what Hood said to her - you're the only one who ever knew me (or something like that, I don't feel right now like checking the DVR) - certainly did ring true and more.

I'm more than glad to have known Banshee, and will be singing its praises for years to come.

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