Thursday, October 13, 2016

Designated Survivor 1.4: "Michigan's on the Verge of Anarchy"

That's what President Kirkman says in Designated Survivor 1.4 - "Michigan's on the verge of anarchy" - and with that woman at the Pence rally yesterday calling for revolution if Trump doesn't win, does this powerful drama have relevance to what's actually going on in our country today, or what?

But it's a drama, not reality, so Kirkman and the fictional America in which he's Presidents face far worse problems, including a second resurrection, on the part of his trigger-happy General.

Kirkman, expertly played by Kiefer Sutherland, defuses both situations. He fires the general, and lures the errant, fascist Michigan Governor to Washington, where Kirkman arrests him.  Very satisfying.

The whole series is excellent, my favorite of so far of the new television season.   It has the fast pace, surprises, and fast change of characters of 24.   Indeed, I realized tonight that Designated Survivor takes place after an episode of 24 which never existed, in which Jack Bauer somehow just can't stop the terrorist catastrophe.   Designated Survivor has all the political intrigue and innuendo of 24, but taking place after the U. S. government is all but destroyed.  And yeah, who better than the man who played Jack to play the new President.

In our reality, 24 was set to debut when 9/11 intervened.   It was delayed, and its ending was retooled to make it more in jagged accord with our post 9/11 reality.  Jack's wife didn't survive that last episode of that kick-in-the-stomach first season of 24.

There was always a sense that all bets were off with 24, and the same raw narrative energy courses through Designed Survivor.  It won't be on next Wednesday, because of the third Presidential debate, but who knows if that will take place, and I'm looking forward to Designated Survivor returning in any case.

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