Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rectify 4.1: Rummy

An exquisite start of the fourth and final season of Rectify on Sundance tonight, just what you'd expect from a series of unsurpassed poetry, beauty, and sensitivity to the human soul.  Actually, tonight's episode was so good, it was even more than that.

The high point comes with Daniel's conversation with Avery, in which we learn some things a little more clearly, things we already sort of guessed, but need to know a little more clearly as this final season begins.

Daniel honestly can't remember whether he killed Hanna, and everything he's done in his life since his release from death row stems from his honestly not remembering what happened. He can see himself killing Hanna, but that doesn't mean he did.  He's said that he's killed her, at various times and for various reasons, but that of course doesn't mean killed her, either.

Avery gets that not only has Daniel been trying to live on this knife-edge cusp of not knowing, but Daniel has been leaning on the side of sort of assuming that he did kill Hanna.  This also explains just about everything we've seen Daniel do in the first three seasons.

Avery suggests that Daniel take a crack at playing the other side - assuming that he didn't kill Hanna. Let's just stop here for a moment.  I've felt all along that someone with Daniel's sensitivity could never have murdered Hanna.  I still think so, and what we saw of Daniel tonight makes me feel even more that way.  But this, of course, is what the show's producer wants us to see and think.  Is this some kind of trick?  I don't think so - but that may only mean that the trick worked on me.

Art is the vehicle which Daniel will use to give that side of him a chance - the side that he didn't kill Hanna.  Caitlin FitzGerald - so good on Masters of Sex - will be Daniel's guide on this, and maybe more.  And so will the guys, in their own ways, in the house in which Daniel is living - Avery's house.  And the episode ends with Daniel playing cards with them, saying he used to play Rummy when he was a boy.  And that's a kind of art, too, in this brilliant disquisition of a show on the human condition.

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