Saturday, October 29, 2016

Designated Survivor 1.5: The Plot Thickens

There were two distinct stories in Designated Survivor 1.5 earlier this week.  Both were good. One was pretty much self-contained.  The other has profound implications for the future.

The self-contained thread was a strong story about a Navy Seal mission to capture the terrorist presumably behind the devastating explosion in Washington.   It was nice to see Dylan Walsh back on TV again after his stint in Unforgettable, and a long run of series which didn't last very long, beginning for me with Brooklyn South.  Unfortunately, Walsh's character didn't survive the episode, but he died very bravely.

The continuing story involves the third survivor of the explosion - and the only surviver who was actually at the State of the Union address - Rep. MacLeish.  Agent Wells was already suspicious of MacLeish, and she gets proof that her suspicions are well-founded: MacLeish retired to a room designed to withstand the explosion shortly before the explosion.  That, along with Wells' discovery that everyone who had a hand in construction of the room died mysteriously, pretty well wraps it up that MacLeish is a very bad guy.

And just to make matters even worse, Kirkman is considering appointing MacLeish as his VP. Presumably all this would need to happen would be Senator Hookstraten's (great name!) approval, since she's all that's left of the Senate.  This gives Wells and the FBI two ways of preventing MacLeish from being a heartbeat away from the President:  if they can't get to Kirkman, they can try Hookstraten.

Should be fun to see how this all plays out.  I'm also glad our own real, harrowing election season is coming to an end - I'll be able to enjoy the fiction of Designated Survivor much more.

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  terrorist squirrels and bombs in NYC


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