Thursday, May 18, 2017

Epilogue for Frequency

A really satisfying epilogue to Frequency, recently cancelled, put up online a few days ago by CW.

The epilogue's under four minutes, but it ends the series just right.   (Don't read on if you don't want spoilers).

Frank's CB radio and its connection to Raimy and the future - our present - wasn't working at the end of the last episode.   It's now repaired, and Frank gets the good news that his wife and Raimy's mother is doing great, and the Nightingale killer was indeed nabbed, and recently died in prison.

Except - well, Julie (Raimy's mother) - isn't doing quite that great.  She misses Frank, who died in 2011.  Frank back in 1996 is loath to do anything more to change the future, but Raimy pleads with him - for Julie's sake - to this one more thing, don't go out of the house, and "God forbid" not in the car, on the day in 2011 he is supposed to die.

She asks Frank if he got that - but the CB radio connection has died again.

Raimy is desperate - when she hears from Frank's voice - in her room, in person, in 2017!  There he is, a few years older, but very much alive.  He got the message.  They hug, and all the good memories of their lives together come back to Raimy.

Now that's what I call a perfect happy ending.  Thank you, CW - and Godspeed, Raimy and Frank and Julie.

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