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Sunday, May 14, 2017

NBC Reverses Decision and Renews Timeless: Lessons for Time Travel

Great news emerged last night on Twitter: Timeless, just cancelled by NBC, has now been renewed for a second season.  In other words, NBC does something a network rarely does, and never this quickly: it reversed its decision to cancel the series.

Or ...

Well, the lessons in this renewal for time travel make a good episode or even a series in itself.   Lucy, who's the most culturally adept on the time-travel team, went back just a few days in time and got NBC to see the light and keep the series going.   That point or something similar has been made everywhere, including by Eric Kripke.

But that's just the beginning of what this renewal can teach us about time travel.  We - you, me, everyone in the media and on Twitter - are fully aware that the series was just cancelled.  So this change-of-course by NBC, if it was the result of Lucy's travel to the past, tells us that when changes are made to the past, everyone in the world remembers the original reality (in this case, in which Timeless was cancelled) and the new one (in which Timeless was just renewed).

And this, in turn, tells us something very significant about the multiple universes hypothesis, which suggests that every time the past is changed, even in the slightest, a new universe or reality pops up.   We now know, since we are all well aware of the original and new realities regarding Timeless, that when a new reality is created, everyone in the new reality remembers the old reality - the two realities are not separate, mutually exclusive bubbles.

This may contradict a widely disseminated hypothesis about how Trump won the election (or the electoral college) - that some evil group from the future went back in time and monkeyed around with the votes in those few midwest states.   But since none of us actually remember Hillary winning the election - the original reality - this suggests that, if time travel were the reason, that in this case, unlike Timeless, changing the past also erased all memories of the original.

So, which is correct?  I'm going to go with the Timeless renewed being the result of time travel, and keep Trump out of my science fiction, since there's nothing the least bit enjoyable in that.

And I'll be back for sure with reviews for the new season of Timeless in 2018 ... unless something in history changes again.

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