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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Americans 5.10: That Pastor, Again

The most interesting part of The Americans 5.10 last night - which, like House of Cards and Designated Survivor is becoming ever more like our reality off the drama screen, given who is actually in the White House - featured Paige bringing home photos of Pastor's Tim diary.

In particular, the part of the diary in which Tim writes about how abused Paige seems, worse than a victim of sexual abuse, was outrightly shocking.  No wonder Paige is upset about this.

And now Philip and Elizabeth will be, too.  With the big question of: what will they do about it?

The two are caught between a rock and a hard place regarding that worse than pesky pastor.  If they do anything to harm him - such as killing him - that would undoubtedly provoke out-of-control reactions from Paige, i.e., actions that her parents cannot control.

But is getting him out of the country enough?  Should Tim ever share his concerns with any authority, that could well be the end for Philip and Elizabeth.  And, given the intensity of his feelings, isn't it just a matter of time before he lets someone else know about Paige and her family?

Paige has been a ticking time bomb for Philip and Elizabeth for a while now.  They dodged a bullet with Paige and Stan's son.   But what Tim wrote in his diary is far more dangerous.

Based on the killings in Russia these days in our reality, it's pretty clear what Putin would do.   But that's reality.  In the fictional world of The Americans, will the writers come up with something better?

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