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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ray Donovan 5.1: Big Change

Ray Donovan 5.1 debuted with a huge change tonight (and I wouldn't read any further if you're allergic to spoilers).

Well, you can read a little further - but just this paragraph.  There are two possible causes of what happened - the big change.  And, for all we know, neither is the reason.

[spoilers ahead]

Abby's gone - as in, deceased.  Presumably her cancer got her, after all.  But, why, then, did we see the car accident, and Abby with a bump on her head right after?   And, since this is just the first episode of what promises to be an explosively pathbreaking season, Abby may have died or been killed for reasons we don't yet even know.

Who was the scantily clad woman who caused Ray to serve off the road? The credits listed Lili Simmons, and that makes sense - that backside looked familiar, seen many times on Banshee.

Other than all of this, there was at least one surprise with presumably good consequences in this Season 7 start: Terry had a pacemaker put in to control his Parkinson's.  I didn't know that was possible, and I'm glad for Terry and the show - he will be an even more powerful character, this way.

You have to give Ray Donovan the series credit for taking a risk like this.  Abby was in many ways the spiritual centerpiece of this family and therefore the show.  She was someone managed to keep it and Ray together.   Without her, everyone will need to find new bearings, because there's only so much you can get from a memory.

Looking forward to more.

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