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Monday, May 7, 2018

The Crossing 1.6: Apex Antibodies

The most intriguing aspect of The Crossing 1.6 tonight was Sophie's thought that Reece's Apex antibodies might be life-saving not just for Reece's daughter, but humans suffering from all kinds of otherwise fatal illnesses - including, it turns out, Sophie herself.

This raises an interesting question: is it possible that the way the Apex arose in the future was from the antibodies that Reece left here in our present, first to save her daughter, then to save Sophie, and who knows how many more?  This would make for a nice time-travel loop, in which the Apex unintentionally helped create themselves.

Otherwise, there again was not much evidence of time travel, or anything other than honest cops and crooked superiors, and the conflict we've been seeing between the local police and the Feds, mainly because the Feds so far have been dominated by the people from the First Migration.  Viewership for The Crossing has slid to about half of what it was when the series started six weeks ago - see TV Series Finale  - and this syndrome is classic when a series doesn't live up to its initial promise.

There are still a lot of appealing pieces on the board in The Crossing, and the series needs to begin putting these into play if it is to survive.   If it doesn't, the fate of The Crossing will no doubt be said to be another example of the limited appeal of time travel on network television.  But the real reason will be that there wasn't enough time travel in this narrative which began pretty brilliantly.

There's still time - but, of course, the remaining episodes have already been recorded.  So the time's already passed, and one can only hope now that the producers did the right thing months ago - an appropriate kind of hope, when the subject is time travel.

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