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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Crossing 1.8: The Cure

As seems to happen all too often when an announcement comes down that a series won't be renewed for another season, the remaining episodes just get better and better.   If episode 1.8 on tonight is any indication, that's just what's happened with The Crossing.

We already knew that Apex antibodies could cure and banish all kinds of ailments fatal to humanity.  Tonight we get a hint that Reece's antibodies can do something much more amazing.  It was something that Naomi said about coming back from the dead.  Maybe she was speaking metaphorically.  But it got me thinking (always a dangerous proposition): could Apex antibodies bring people back to life - people who had recently died?   Like, for example, Emma - whose body, in pretty good shape albeit dead, turned up tonight?

Even Jude pointed out that her body sure didn't look like it had been buried for days, and I had the feeling, when Emma was killed, that this wasn't the last we'd be seeing of her.  Well, we did see her again tonight - unfortunately, dead - but now it's less of a leap to see her revived.  All that Jude has to do is get some of the infusions that Dr. Forbin will be preparing, get them into Emma, and ... well, who knows?

At very least, this biological science fiction - of which my own Locus-Award-winning 1999 novel The Silk Code has been said to be an early example - is becoming almost as important in The Crossing as the time travel, and maybe more so.   Which makes it all the more unfortunate that it's not being renewed.

So I'll join the chorus - or say it solo, if need be - hey, ABC, renew The Crossing.  Or, if not, let some other network do this. Bring it back to life!  It deserves a shot.

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