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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Project Blue Book 1.2: Calling Roy Thinnes

Having just watched the second episode of Project Blue Book - 1.2 - I've come to realize what at least a part of this series really is:  a version of Roy Thinnes' The Invaders (1967-1968), still, for my money, about the best extra-terrestrial invasion series ever on television.   Thinnes' character does a great, largely futile, job trying to alert our world to the invaders' presence.  And it's tough, seeing as how they can induce heart attacks when needed in powerful people who are beginning to suspect their existence.

There's definitely an alien presence in Project Blue Book, making that part straight-up science fiction (though of course I could be wrong if extra-terrestrials are really among us).  They, or one of them, presumably killed that poor lady in the mental institution.  Presumably, the blond (played by Ksenia Solo), and the guy who looks like the guy who usually plays sleazy attorneys (Currie Graham), are extra-terrestrials, too.

Or maybe not.  They could be working for the government - our government - in which the generals are keeping a lot of things from the public, including a flying saucer literally under wraps.  That our government keeps things from us is true.   That they kept - and for all I know, are still keeping - flying saucers from us is unknown, but, for the reasons I mentioned in last week's review, likely fiction.

So, given that there really are extra-terrestrials afoot in this science fiction series, who isn't?  I guess everyone is suspect, including even Quinn.  But, at this point, I'll give him a pass, as well as Hynek, though you just never never know with these kinds of stories.

In its mix of reality within fiction within fiction - a docudrama based on a real scientist, Hynek, and a government that really lies to us all the time, so why not about flying saucers - Project Blue Book continues to be an unusual series, and worth watching.

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