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Monday, April 22, 2019

Killing Eve 2.3: Lipstick

Well, the best scene in Killing Eve 2.3 is clearly Eve putting on the lipstick Villanelle slipped her, finding it has a blade when it cuts her lip, and, rather than recoiling in horror, brushes the blood across her lip so it mixes with the lipstick.

That scene about the mouth says it all.   Villanelle loves Eve, this we already know.  It's the weakness that makes Eve so dangerous to Villanelle, who is the superior agent, or at least a more cunning killing machine, sharp as Eve is.   But Villanelle's attraction to Eve mades Villanelle vulnerable, and, as we've already seen, it was almost a fatal attraction - fatal to Villanelle.

But Eve is deeply attracted to Villanelle, also.  If not precisely in the same way, something that both helps Eve understand Villanelle, but makes Eve more vulnerable, too.   The question for both of them, as they hunt and crave each other, is which impulse will prevail.   Libido or thanatos?

It's good to see Konstantin back in action.   He's an excellent counterpart to Carolyn.   And, in many ways, more of an asset to Villanelle than Carolyn is to Eve.  The essence of this story, indeed, is (or are) counterparts.   They might have even entitled this series Counterpart, had there not already been a series by that name, which, alas, was cancelled, but I'm still hoping comes back on some other network, wiser than Starz.

But back to Killing Eve, as exciting and daring as the first season was, I'm beginning to like this second even more.  It has all the style and quirky texture of the first season, with symbolism simmering perfectly under the surface.

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