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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Enemy Within 1.7: The Conversation

A good Enemy Within (1.7) last night - sorry, I was out doing a reading in Philadelphia, and didn't have a chance to review last week's episode.  But in this week's, we learn that: Shepherd is still working for Tal!

Or, maybe not.  We see, at the end of the episode, that she's conversing with Tal - via a phone she picked up without the FBI's knowledge - and Tal certainly appears to think she's working for him. But she might be maintaining contact with Tal as a way of ultimately getting to kill him.

The bulk of last night's episode clearly showed Shepherd doing her best to get Tal killed - arguing against the consensus that it's not worth sacrificing an innocent life to get Tal (I agree with this consensus, btw).   Keaton tries to have his cake and eat it - protect the innocent life but continue the mission, that is, don't tip off Tal - but that doesn't work.  And it's hard to believe that everything Shepherd said and did with the FBI was an act.

If she's working with Tal, that would be a wild explication indeed of what Tal said a few weeks ago about there being more than one mole in Keaton's team.   Assuming he was telling the truth, I still can't see who that mole might be.  Everyone we've seen, including Shepherd, is apparently trying their utmost to get Tal.

Which adds up to a good spy narrative, which is what The Enemy Within not only is, but gets more so with each episode.  I just had another thought:  maybe that CIA woman who is trying to sour Keaton on Shepherd is the Tal mole?   That would certainly explain her behavior.

I have no readings of my science fiction next week, so I'll see you here with another review.

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