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Friday, March 25, 2022

Picard 2.4: 2024 LA

All of Star Trek: Picard 2.4 takes place in 2024 Los Angeles, which made for lots of enjoyable interludes and interactions.

I guess my favorite -- and there were many close contenders -- is Picard and a much younger Guinan.  This conversation, in which Picard eventually tells young Guinan his name, explains some of the comfort and familiarity she has with him in Star Trek: The Next Generation, when he and we were more than thirty years younger.  As you know, I very much like time weaves like that.

On the other side of the profundity/light-hearted spectrum, I thought Seven and Raffi in that car, with Seven driving and Raffi coaching, doing their best to get away from the police, was hilarious.  And you can't beat the way the two made good their escape -- Agnes beaming them out of the car.  (Good thing, the car had to stop for the beaming to work -- had the two been beamed out while Seven was driving, that would left a car going 100-miles-per-hour, with no driver.  Pretty dangerous.)

Speaking of Agnes -- my least favorite part of this episode was Agnes and the Borg Queen.  This is no one's fault.   The Borg creep me out.  And I'd almost rather not see what might happen to Agnes.  Here's to her not being assimilated or whatever nice word the Borg Queen might come up with.

So the season's moving along well.  I'm still annoyed by the commercial breaks -- I mean, to have to subscribe to a service and still get commercials just doesn't seem right.  (Does Hulu do that, too?).  But it's a measure of how good Star Trek: Picard is that I'm putting up with it.  And I'll see you back here next week with my review of the next episode.

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David Alexander McDonald said...

Hulu does that too, unless you pay extra Iwhich you can do with Paramount+ and Peacock as well.)

Here there might be an oddity to consider — when Picard reverts the timeline (as he surely will) this version of Guinan will forget this meeting, but she *will* recall their earlier meeting in 1893, which was retroactively erased because they came back from the CSS timeline. Hopefully there will be a very interesting conversation in episode 10.

Also, I wonder what happened to Supervisor 194? The Watcher as presented here seems to me to be Isis in the shape of Laris — that cat could shapeshift rather nicely. I’m hoping ol’ Gary Seven will show up, but I might hope in vain.