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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Man Who Fell to Earth 1.5: Co-Mingling

The Man Who Fell to Earth 1.5 features an important revelation.  To wit:

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

Earth and Anthea have had some kind of co-mingling in the distant past.  Antheans carry with them some element of humanity deep inside, and presumably vice versa.  This explains why Faraday, despite his linguistic and cultural faux pas (I mean that as a plural), is ultimately so sympatico in his understanding of we human beings.  And it may explain why Justin is so understanding of Faraday, and more than that, as her daughter Molly asks Justin if the Anthean is her boyfriend.

Digging deeper, the relationship of the two planets may explain why the Antheans chose to come to Earth for help.   They certainly didn't pick our planet randomly, or even just because the Antheans reckoned we had the degree of technology necessary to save them.  It now seems that Earth and Anthea are two brethren or at least cousin worlds, that go back a long way.

With that mind, Molly's question takes on a more profound light.  Could Faraday and Molly's mother have children?   How about Newton and whomever?  Are any of the characters we're now seeing in the story the result of such interstellar unions?

The bad guy in all of this still remains Spencer.  He seems to be doing more than just doing his job.  So far, he hasn't done any lasting damage that we know of, but he has a lot of venom for the Antheans and their science if they or anyone other than the CIA has any control over it.

Again, we know from the first scene of the very first episode that Faraday will come up on top of all this.  I'm sorry we saw that, because if the show has any suspense in the episode that shows us Faraday giving that speech, that would be because something unexpected and bad happens to the Anthean right after.

Which I'm hoping doesn't happen.  But I'll see you back here with my review of the next episode next week.

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