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Saturday, June 11, 2022

The Orville 3.2: "Come and Get Me ... "

Wanna know why I enjoy The Orville so much?

In episode 3.2, Lt. Keyali tells those creatures from the black lagoon-like monsters, "Come and get me ..."

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

Ok, that's the not the complete quote.  In fact, Keyali tells the creatures "Come and get me, assholes".

And that's a large part of what makes The Orville so good.  It's not just humor.  It's humor that is realistic. The people on The Orville speak like real people do.

And the plots are good.  In 3.2, The Orville is beset by those monsters, which can start as humans or another sentient species, who are then beset by a microbial infection that turns them into creatures.

There's even a bit of COVID humor in this episode.  Dr. Finn discovers that while the microbes are transforming their prey into monsters, the immune systems of the emerging monsters are down.  This means they can be killed by a common cold-like virus, which will give the humans on the ship who have not yet been attacked ... the sniffles.  Sound familiar?

The doc overall has an excellent episode.  Her relationship with Paul (thanks for using my name) enables her to effectively talk to the monsters, because there's still enough of him in the monster he became to respond to her.  And there's more good humor in her story too, when Isaac starts telling Paul (when he's still human, before he's attacked) about her sexual preferences.  You just can't trust a robot to be discreet.

So, hey, I'm happy to see The Orville off to such a good third season, and I'll see you right back here, I hope, next week.

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