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Monday, June 27, 2022

The Man Who Fell to Earth 1.9: Just Deserts

Well, episode 1.9 of The Man Who Fell to Earth on Showtime tonight shows I right about two important developments in 1.8:

[Spoilers follow ... ]

1. Lisa is ultimately in the employ of ... Newton.  And in the last scene, Bill Nighy never looked better in the role and more like David Bowie.   Which is one and the same thing, and a very good thing to see.

2. Josiah survived.  But in sad touch that makes perfect sense, he lost all of his Anthean qualities, and is back on the road to soon dying as completely human.  I'm hoping Faraday gets a chance to give him some more of his Anthean essence before the finale ends.

Some other points:

  • I was glad to see Lisa kill Spencer.  He was one despicable character.
  • Edie turns out to be a tough character after all, pushing her ill father over a cliff, after he tells her that he's leaving the company to her brother Hatch.  This has to serve some purpose in the finale, which I'm eager to see.
And now I'll make a typical plea.  I'd like to see a second season of this series.  It's compelling and original, difficult for a sequel in which the actor who played the original central character can't be on the screen because he's no longer with us.  I don't think I've ever seen a series quite like this one, and I'd very much welcome more.

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