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Friday, May 5, 2023

Citadel 1.3: Jedi

So, I said in my review of The Diplomat that it had elements of James Bond.  Citadel, an outright spy thriller, set in the future, of course has elements of Bond, too.  And tonight, watching the third episode, I was struck by the vibe of Star Wars it conveys, too:  Citadel which fell, with just a few disparate agents left, is a lot like the Jedi, and the few of them that remained in the darkest days of the fall and then rise of the Force.

Of course, Star Wars takes place way way in the future, across the galaxy,  and Citadel is all in here on Earth.   But the Jedi excel in mind tricks, and the surviving Citadel crew exult in that, too.

Bernard as a prisoner put on a good show of that tonight in episode 1.3.  He's not just a prisoner, he's a captive on the verge of getting his brain cut into by a ruthless enemy intent on knowing what he knows.  And Bernard talks his way out it, or, at least manages to get his prime torturer to do his bidding by promising something very dear to this guy with a beard.

Meanwhile, we're earlier treated to a great Bondian Jedi scene some ten years earlier, when Nadia, a brand new agent, first meets Mason, and rescues him on a crucial mission.  Speaking of which, we've yet to understand how and why Citadel fell.  Mason is wondering about this, too, including if Nadia was the inside agent which Manticore deployed to deconstruct Citadel.  Of course she isn't, and neither Mason.  I also don't believe that Bernard is some kind of arch double agent.

But, if not one or more of these three, who?  Possibly Carter, whom Citadel was desperately trying to rescue years ago, but I sort of doubt that, too.  All of which is making for a good spy story, which, as I said before, I wish were already all out there for full season streaming.

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