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Friday, May 12, 2023

Silo 1.3: Like Chernobyl, Repaired

A thrilling edge-of-your seat episode 1.3 of Silo, that felt a lot like Chernobyl, except the damaged generator is ... repaired.

And, of course it had to be, because if it wasn't back up and running, it would have killed everyone pretty quickly, and that would have been the end of the series right there.

[And there are spoilers ahead ... ]

Which would have been a shame, because Silo is shaping up as one riveting series.  Juliet not only comes through on the faulty generator -- along with her crack team -- but she's agreed to be the new sheriff, after the mayor gives Juliet the sheriff's badge, and Juliet turns it over to find her predecessor, Sheriff Holston, left her a one-word message: "truth".  There's definitely something vital going on here.

And then there's that big shocker at the end: Mayor Jahns is dying or dead. And she apparently knew she was dying, that's why she excused herself and asked Marnes to choose a dusty bottle of wine.  At least, I think so.  But if she knew she was dying, how long did she know that?  And was she dying because someone poisoned her, and she knew that?  Other possibilities are she took her own life, or she died of natural causes.

One thing is clear so far in the first three episodes of Silo:  life is pretty expendable, in this haven, or prison, or whatever this silo is.  It's pretty clear, now, that anyone and everyone can die, with little or no warning, at any time.  An excellent state for a drama to be in.

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