Monday, May 4, 2009

24 Season 7 Hour 21: Execute and Forgive

Let's start with my favorite scene in tonight's Episode 21 of Season 7 of 24: Olivia - the President's daughter - has arranged for a hit-man to kill Hodges. She has to pay him. She's poised at her computer, the funds all set to be transferred. All she has to do is ... click on the "Execute" icon. I like that ... execute the fund transfer, execute Hodges. A nice little piece of television that Hitchcock would have liked.

But Olivia can't go through with it, and hits "Cancel," instead. And Hodges is blown up in a car, anyway.

So we have another mystery on our hands. Certainly the villains that Tony is working for have a motive. But I'm thinking ... I don't know, maybe Aaron. I know, he's a straight arrow. But Olivia did blurt out to Aaron last week that she wanted Hodges dead. And we did see more than usual of Aaron tonight. We'll see....

Bear in mind, though, that my powers of prediction have not been that good about 24 this season. I've been holding out for Tony being good, but I can't see much hope of that now.

Jack, though, is getting more humane than ever. In another fine scene, Jack has a conversation with an Imam whom Jack had come close to roughing up. He learns the Imam is innocent. Jack apologizes. The Imam forgives him. Jack says he "gave up on that a long time ago" ... Shades of Clint Eastwood and The Unforgiven.

A compelling scene in a powerful, strange, transformative season of 24, with only 3 hours left...

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