Monday, May 11, 2009

24 Season 7 Hour 22: The Personal Dimension

The next to last episode of 24, Season 7 tonight - Hour 22, with a two-hour season finale on tap for next week - continued the unusual, change-of-pace, more humane rendition of 24 we have seen this season.

The presumably last-gasp of the germ terrorism has been averted. Tony is in custody. Jack has helped Gibran get reunited with his brother. (Gibran made a brave attempt, a few beats earlier, to stop the attack - but was foiled in a nice twist for television, a bad guy playing cop.) All's far from over - the ultra head of the bad guys, played by Will Patton, is still at large - but can it be that the worst is over for Jack and the country on this awful day?

Of course not - this is 24. And Jack is supposed to die of his exposure to the prionic germ, anyway. But, more than that-

Kim Bauer's in danger! Yes, Kim's back in her perennial role, wrongly suspicious of her protectors, blind to the real dangers right next to her, ever the target of people bent on getting to or manipulating Jack in 24.

And this time, what's at stake is a trade of Kim for Tony.

So, what will mostly be at stake in the two-hour finale next week will not be the country, but Jack - about as personal as it's ever been - because Jack has strong emotions about both sides of the equation, for Kim, of course, and who knows what, exactly, for Tony, his friend who saved his life so many times, but in this Season betrayed him. (Another prediction: I predict neither Kim nor Tony will die this season. Hey, that's obvious about Kim, but somewhat risky about Tony.)

Meanwhile, Olivia is also heading for a critical showdown, as Aaron is digging into what exactly she has been doing in the Chief of Staff's office ... I have a feeling we're seeing the development of story there that we'll see more of next year.

But next week - it's 24, the Season finale, the personal dimension.

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