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Friday, September 25, 2009

Bones 5.2: Anonymous Donors and Pipes

I thought the two best parts of Bones 5.2 tonight were outside of the central James Bondian story, but crucial to the story of the central characters.

Wendell, one of the group of brilliant assistants, is losing his scholarship - not because of any bad work, but because of the bad economy. Sufficient money from anyone will save his job. But Jack, who's fabulously wealthy, says the economy has tied up his funds. And Bones, who's making a bundle from her best-selling novel, isn't offering.

In the end, anonymous donors come up with the money - enough to provide for three times the scholarship Wendell requires. Ok, Jack came through, and so did Bones. But who was the third donor? Any guesses? Or did Jack or Bones each contribute twice the money needed?

Meanwhile, Booth still has residual mental loss - he's not the plumber he used to be. Bones buys him a book - "An Imbecile's Guide to Plumbing," as she says - and the last scene finds the two of them working on the pipes, in another almost erotic scene. Predictably, the pipe that they fix springs a leak - but that's it.

Well, it makes sense that Bones would have no special talent for pipes. Her specialty, after all, is the skeleton not the circulatory system. But she does have a heart, and someday ... well, the ways of true love move slowly in television...

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