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Friday, September 18, 2009

Bones is Back is for Season Five: What is Love?

Bones came back for its fifth season on Fox tonight, with an opening episode that gave us a satisfying exploration of the feelings between Bones and Booth, which of course were left unresolved, if a little closer to what we'd all like to see.

Booth is pretty much recovered from his brain dangers and adventures at the end of last season, which featured him dreaming in his hospital bed after surgery that he and Bones were married and night-club owners. Booth took a long time to wake up, with Bones by his side. Was that purely due to medical reasons, or in part because he was happy, fulfilled, to be with Bones in that dream?

The answer resides in the extent to which he is actually not yet 100% tonight. Sweets shows Booth that the emotional part of his brain is much more charged than it was before Booth was hospitalized - is this an effect of the operation?

In contrast, the appealing tarot-card reader played by Cindy Lauper says Booth and Bones really do just want to have deep fun - i.e., he loves her truly, not just because of his traumatized brain, and she loves him.

Whom should we and Booth believe? He does seem to have lost his loathing for clowns - is that another consequence of the intervention on his brain?

Well, romantic that I am, I'm wondering if the two possibilities - true feelings vs. feelings brought on by surgery - may not both be at work here. Maybe the surgery released Booth's true feeling for Bones?

We likely won't get a definitive answer this season, but it will be fun watching it all play out...

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