Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Closer Closes on a Fine Note for The Season

You gotta hand it to TNT - I do - they put on most of The Closer this past summer, but had the savvy to save the past three episodes for the television-dreary month of December. TNT probably did this in part to attract attention to its new series - Men of a Certain Age, which I haven't yet seen - but whatever the cable network's reasons, I think it was a good idea.

Last night's closer for season 5 - episode 5.15 - was a fine send-off, featuring a return of the notorious Captain Sharon Raydor, played by Mary McConnell, formerly President of humanity on Battlestar Galactica, and something of an arch-rival to Brenda Leigh. Throw into this volatile mix Chief Pope - who gets furious at Brenda based on a misunderstanding - and you get a good workout for all the characters.

My favorite scene was Pope screaming at Brenda, with the crew hearing it all in the room next door. Turns out he was angry because she hadn't told him about Fritz's job offer in Washington, which Pope thought might take Brenda away. But it turns out, further, that Brenda hasn't told Pope because she didn't know about the offer herself, which leads to some good, ultimately maybe happily after ever for Brenda Leigh, Fritz, and the kitten.

As for the case, it's a good test of Brenda Leigh's logic, as she sees through the trappings and boxes in the killer. This was a good season for The Closer, highlighted by Brenda Leigh's niece Charlie, played by Kyra Sedgwick's daughter Sosie Bacon, and Provenza's affair.

The snow's outside the window now. I'll look forward to the next season of The Closer when it's long since melted and the sun's up hot and high.

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