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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bad Santa, Heartwarming Bones 5.10

Actually, the Santa only seemed to be bad at the beginning of Bones 5.10 - we later find that he was set up by bad people, he's really just an exterminator (of pests, not people) - but Bones 5.10 was indeed a heartwarming, winning winter solstice episode, with everyone at the table, including Emily Deschanel's real life sister Zooey, who plays Tempe's second cousin.

The holiday highlights include -

1. Bones undresses Booth, to locate shrapnel from the exploded Santa, but hey, whatever it takes.

2. Michelle wants to spend Christmas in Hawaii, but Cam eventually says no, so the two can spend Christmas together. It's good to see them close.

3. Great line from Bones, in response to the exploded Santa's mother saying her son wouldn't hurt a fly. "He's an exterminator," Bones replies, "by definition he hurts flies."

4. Zooey's character Margaret, who quotes Ben Franklin the way Bones cites science, has some pretty good lines too. The best, about Booth and Bones: "He that would fish, must venture his bait."

5. Jack and Angela have a good momentary scene. I still think, to borrow an expression from The Supremes, that someday they'll be together.

6. Bones has more compassion than ever - she doesn't want the exploded exterminator/Santa's mother to have to go to his funeral alone on Christmas day, because that would be "heartbreaking" for her. Booth reminds her and us that Bones would usually say that the heart is a muscle, and therefore can't really break - but it is a pleasure to see how far she's come along.

7. Ryan O'Neal's back as Bones' father. I wouldn't mind another episode with him in more close-to-criminal form.

About the only thing missing from this episode was the whole ensemble of graduate student lab assistants - most of all Zack Addy, who could have put in an appearance as the lab assistant of Christmas past. Well, maybe for the Easter episode...

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