Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Heroes 4 Mid Season 2009 Finale

A very good Heroes 4.12, mid-season 2009 finale tonight - with the story to resume in January. I've been watching every episode this Fall, but have only reviewed two of them, because, hey, I'm a fan as well as a reviewer, and sometimes it's fun just to watch a string of episodes with no review.

One of the best episodes was 4.8, in which Hiro goes back in time to the Burnt Toast Diner to save the love of his life, Charlie. Hiro succeeds in getting Sylar to dissolve the clot in Charlie's brain, and she survives - only to get whisked away and hidden somewhere in time by Samuel. This is far better than death, but still unsatisfactory for Hiro, who now is to some degree in service to Samuel, as the only way Hiro can get to Charlie. Her secreting in time does satisfy the rigors of changing the past without invoking the paradox of the change in the past changing the present, so why travel to the past in first place. Charlie in the past provides a logic for her missing from Hiro's life for the past three years - a logic as strong as her being dead.

Episode 4.8 also set the foundation for one of the best new relationships this season - Noah and Lauren. Noah deserves some true love after all's he's been through, but four years ago was just too early, so Lauren ends their relationship before it even starts back with then, by asking the Haitian to erase all the emerging love she was feeling for Noah. But she was back last week, in 4.11, and tonight in 4.12, and I'm guessing this time the two will have a longer tenure together. They're good together.

Renewals of relationships - some successful so far, at least one not - were the keynotes of tonight's 4.12. Peter's presumably final goodbye to Nathan, after Peter uses his mental powers to strip away most of the layers of Sylar, was powerful. As Nathan explains before he takes his apparently final leave on the rooftop, Nathan was already dead, so there was nothing that Peter or anyone could do to permanently keep Nathan's mind and image imposed on Sylar. And so as Nathan slips away, Sylar emerges, and for the time being, which may well now be forever, we'll have Sylar and no Nathan at all.

While all of this has been happening, the center of influence and attraction has gradually been shifting to Samuel and his carnival. As Claire learns in 4.12, it's an appealing place for someone with her abilities and burdens to be - a community in which everyone with super powers can be themselves, with no pretense. But what does Samuel ultimately want? He has Hiro and now Claire somewhat under his thumb. In a close to last scene tonight, he tells Lydia that Claire is just a lure for someone more...

Who could that be? Peter?

We'll no doubt find out when Season 4 resumes and progresses in January 2010, with a story percolating and better set than any in Heroes since Season 1.

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