Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Viva Lightman and Las Vegas in Lie to Me 2.9

So now we see that the delightful Dr. Lightman has another flaw from a prior life in the fast lane - he has a weakness for the roulette wheel, and for big stakes, since it's the one game in Las Vegas that can't be figured at all by looking at anyone's face.

That's what Foster tells us, and she keeps a watchful eye on Lightman in this Las Vegas caper, who in turn keeps telling her to back off, she's "smothering". Foster's also at least as concerned about Poppy Wells - played by Abby Brammell of The Unit - who looks better than ever, which is hot indeed, and certainly enough to get Lightman to spend a night with her with all the trimmings. I half expected Mac to storm in (a Unit reference), but the story played it out just fine with its own cast of card-playing characters.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, DC, there's some fine chemistry brewing between Loker and Torres, who remarks to Loker about the dilated pupils of someone Loker is dating, with Torres just an inch or so from Loker's face, and Torres' pupils dilated pretty well as well. Food for thought and more for Loker.

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Lie to Me continues to glitter and simmer.

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