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Monday, September 3, 2012

Breaking Bad Final Half Season Finale

Well, it had to happen.   After staying just out of narc brother-in-law Hank's field of vision as a master meth maker for years, Walter's luck looks like it finally ran out.   In the last scene of last night's show, Hank, picking up a book of Walt Whitman's poetry on the throne, realizes that the "W. W." is not Whitman or Woodrow Wilson, but Walter White.  No joke.

And so the stage is set for the ultimate confrontation.  Hank was always Walt's greatest danger, because you can only hide effectively for so long in plain sight.   Hank of course is not a threat to literally kill Walter - as Walter's past opponents have been - but he is threat to kill all the benefits Walter has received from his new way of life these past few years.  And because Hank is not threatening to literally take Walter out, he is a much more serious threat.  One which Walter is not really prepared for.

Walter has taken Hank seriously only sometimes, and not always completely.  In fact, this season, Walter effortlessly bugged Hank's office, as Hank easily fell for Walt's crybaby routine.

There are a variety of possibilities here.  Is there any chance that Hank might leave the Feds and happily take some of Walter's money?  Not very likely, even though Hank does have his frustrations with the job.  Skyler may well come to Walter's support now, seeing as how he apparently left the business.  But what good can she really do?   Walter can also count now on Jesse's support, having given Jesse his fair share.   But what good can Jesse do Walter now?

Walter is no less brilliant now than before.   He thinks very quickly on his feet.  If Hank doesn't directly confront Walter with what Hank thinks he has realized, but Walter gets wind of it, Walter may find a way to twist the threads into one last complex, confusing knot to make Hank unsure in his suspicion of Walter.

Should be a great second half of the final season in store.

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