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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Revolution 1.2: Fast Changes

Revolution - the new J. J. Abrams' show on NBC about a post-digital apocalypse age - continues to surprise.  After shocking us with the deaths of the protagonist Charlie's parents in the first episode - a daring move, given that they were both played by major actors - it turns out in the second episode that her mother Rachel is still very much alive!    Fans of Lost's and V's Elizabeth Mitchell, including me, will be happy.  We'll be seeing  at least Rachel in more than flashbacks.

Meanwhile, the story as a whole is less predictable than post-apocalyptic tales usually are. Not only is there still digital technology afoot somewhere, but there are battles being waged over who has guns. If you think about it, guns are a good technology to focus on in a post-digital world, because they are mechanical not digital. In Revolution the militia bad-guy government has them, and the American patriot guerrillas do not - in fact, the militia brigades confiscate any guns they find, and kill anyone who refuses to turn them over. Fans of the Second Amendment will be pleased. (I support the Second Amendment, but think it's consistent with much stricter gun laws than we now have in place.) In any case, it makes for a good thread in Revolution.

The swordplay and knife action are also good on the show, giving it a sort of Game of Thrones flavor. But the best thing about Revolution so far is the fast pace of changes, which have now transformed the basis of the show twice in the past two weeks, and make me eager to see next week's episode.

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