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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bones 8.2 of Contention

A good, realistic Bones 8.2 tonight, as Bones and Booth begin to come terms with the three months they've spent apart.

In ordinary television, a couple in love, reunited after three months apart, with a baby part of the separation, might face a hitch or two, but would be pretty much nothing else but happy to be back together.   The story would move on to other things.

But Bones is taking the time to show something a little different.  Booth can't just forget the three months the family was split - three months wtihout Bones and Christine.  He has to feel guilty about not being able to find them and reunite the family on his own.  Bones, for her part, got used to living on her own, with Christine.  It's not easy for her to just slip back into the give and take of a relationship and a family.

So Bones and Booth spend a lot of time sniping and fighting tonight.   Their professionalism insures that this contention won't get in the way of the case - which, appropriate to this new situation for Bones and Booth, centers around a divorce lawyer.   Of course, as Bones points out, the two are not married, so they can't get divorced.  But even a temporary split-up would make a lot of people very unhappy - characters on the show not to mention we viewers.

With the help of Sweets - who is on his way to having one his best years on the show - Bones and Booth conclude the show with a good kiss and step in the right direction.  Their relationship and their family will be ok.

Which raises an interesting point.  The story of Bones and Booth is now so realistic - as a tonic to their often fantastic cases - that it now feels almost impossible to predict where it will go.  That's because, like reality itself, almost anything is possible.   Good, adult television - but, like life itself, not always the most reassuring.

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