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Monday, June 30, 2014

Rectify 2.2: True Real Time

Well, we knew that Daniel wasn't going to die of those brutal injuries in the hospital, or even be left non-compos-mentis, but it was nice to see him come back to life and consciousness, replete with his sardonic sense of humor, in Rectify 2.2 anyway.

It was also heartening to see the sheriff get at least one of Daniel's beaters.  What remains of the incident that closed the first season is who else was involved, including (possibly) Daniel's brother Ted, Jr., who continues to be one jealous, despicable character.

Ted's wife Tawney was in many ways the central character in 2.2.   For some reason, apparently to have a rapprochement with Ted, Tawney decides to pretty much tell all to Ted about her feelings for Daniel.   This was nothing that Ted didn't already suspect, but hearing directly from Tawney that she had or has feelings for Daniel is only likely to eventually push Ted more over the edge.

Rectify, which tells its story literally one day at a time - that is, a day for each episode - has a deliberateness about it, a patiently unfolding quality, which is rare on television.  At the complete opposite on the spectrum from 24, which packs enough action into each true-time hour to otherwise take more than a day, Rectify in contrast makes each hour-long episode feel like it is indeed taking place over a day or longer.

So we see, for example, in 2.2, the first conversation this season between Amantha and Holden's current lawyer Jon Stern.   It felt like they'd been out of touch for a while, but in fact they were in touch just a few days ago, even though we saw that in the first season last year.

Rectify continues to present in real, compelling time one of the most unreal situations a human being can be in.

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