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Monday, June 23, 2014

Falling Skies 4.1: Weak Start

Well, I gotta say that Falling Skies, which I've been by and large enjoying for the past three seasons, got its fourth season off to a weak start on TNT last evening.

I guess the most interesting part is the magically flourishing little city the alien hybrid Lexi has fashioned.   It has possibilities, even if it does resemble just a little some of the safe havens that turned out not to be so safe on The Walking Dead.   And Lexi herself is probably the most interesting character, even if she does look now like Daenerys from Game of Thrones' younger sister.

As for the rest - all the heroes are split into splintering groups.  We've seen this before, not only in Falling Skies but Revolution, etc.   And what's happening to these groups, so far, is not so unusual, either.

The Esphemi-Volm realignment and how it relates to Earth - lots of Esphemi and their ilk down here, with just a handful of our benefactoring aliens - also has possibilities, but little was hinted at last night.

So here's where we stand with Falling Skies.  We have three years of good narrative behind us.   We have characters that literally have grown - in the cases of Matt and Ben and most of all Lexi, literally - and we care about all of them and their parents and friends and associates, too.   But the narrative needs more than the shake-up break-up of last night - it needs some kind of dynamic, new, unforeseen story line.

I'm looking forward to more.


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