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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.8: Beetles and Battle

A stunning Game of Thrones 4.8, with at least three game changing developments.   In ascending order -

3.  Mormont's exile by Daenerys:  I figured Mormont's days with Daenerys were numbered in one way or another as soon as the new courtly old guy appeared on the scene, essentially duplicating Mormont's function.   Not quite believable, though, is that Mormont, Daenerys's rock of Gibraltar, was a Lannister spy, or that Daenerys would let him go - not kill him - and give the Lannisters a much fuller rendition of her story.   Perhaps Daenerys has some deliberate plan in mind.   Meanwhile, it also interesting on that continent to see that the leader of the Unsullied has some sexual interests.

2.  Sansa lying to save Baelish:  It's good to see her finally with a man that she can care about, and maybe love.    No doubt part of what she did for Baelish was born of gratitude, but there are also deeper feelings there.   The two, if their relationship works out, will make a formidable couple.

1.  Defeat of Tyrion's champion:  This was a real kick in the gut, seeing as how the Red Viper could have had the victory on Tyrion's behalf.   But things just couldn't have worked out that well and easily for Tyrion.   Is he now doomed?   I've been saying all along that Jaime wouldn't stand by and let his brother die for a regicide that Jamie knows Tyrion didn't commit.

I wonder if there is some meaning, some inkling of what is to come, in Tyrion's long discourse to his brother about their "moronic" cousin who delighted in crushing beetles.   I was half thinking that maybe crushed beetles somehow summon dragons.  But whatever the future may hold for Tyrion, I'm still hoping he won't go the way of Ned Stark.

Just two more episodes this season.  I haven't read the books beyond the first novel.  I'm looking forward to what the screen brings.

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"I was here, in Carthage, three months from now." 


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