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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Black Sails 2.3: "I Angered Charles Vane"

"I Angered Charles Vane" - that was the sign hung around Ned Low's head, on a pole, in the altogether excellent Black Sails 2.3 tonight.

Low was a tough customer, in real history and his brief tenure is this series. He put up a strong fight, and nearly got the better of Vane, who we knew all along was the better man - both mentally (he's pretty sane) and apparently physically, as well.

Vane's sweet compensation for this is Eleanor jumping into his arms and bed.   Even though he tells her he didn't kill Low for her, her gratitude is understandably boundless.   So now we know why Vane stood by last week as Low got his run of Eleanor's bar: it was to set the stage for this week's action.

But all of this is prelude to the real story for this season, which will be none other than Flint versus Vane, with Eleanor for now at least on Vane's side.   Flint, for his part, realizes that Nassau is a better prize then the Orca, and maybe a good stepping stone towards that bounty, too.

The back story is fitting in nicely as well, as we see Flint before he became a pirate edging ever closer to breaking the rules of his polite society.   In many ways, this historic character is the most interesting on the show.  Because although we know where he'll end up, we have no idea specifically how he gets there.

Rackham had a good night, too, finally invited to join Max and Anne to make an honest menage a trois out of it.   He's still intent on getting his own ship.   Whom will he support in the upcoming battle between Flint and Vane?  Likely Flint, but we'll have to see, and, while we're at it, I can't quite see Eleanor staying with Vane to the end in this battle, much as she enjoyed his killing of the mad Low and her time in bed with Vane.

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