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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Banshee 3.7: Movie within Movie

A good Banshee 3.7 last night, excelling in what Banshee does best, stretching the form of narrative on television in unexpected ways.   This time it was a fine movie within a movie, with our core of anti-heroes finally getting around to doing their heist, which is brought to us by a bevy of hand-held and stationary cameras, marked "Hood" (shot from his perspective), "Cover shot," etc.   This made for a suitably choppy mix for a disconcerting robbery which almost went bad.

Job is worried that Hood's head isn't in this game.  Hood decides he needs the heist to get his head back in the game, and guess who's right.   Hood sees Siobhan and gets lost in his illusion of her for several crucial minutes, giving the military who are being robbed a crucial jump in this action. Fortunately none of our people are killed or even captured, but it still made for a powerful few minutes of action television.

The other good fight also features Carrie, but this time with Gordon as her partner, taking on a group of young guys whom Deva has elected to spend some time with.  Nothing too wrong with that, until the guy Deva is especially beginning to like pulls a gun on Gordon.  Carrie and Gordon not only take care of business, but sleep together in the aftermath.   One way of looking at this is full-fledged adults can sleep with each whenever they want, but not so their teenaged kids, which seems a little unfair to the latter.   On the other hand, it was good to see Carrie and Gordon together again, at least for this interlude.

Rebecca's story feels a bit forced - I don't quite believe her when negotiates on her own - and the Chayton part of the episode was predictable, another retelling of the tale of the woman who takes in a wounded snake and heals it, only to be bitten by the snake as soon as it sufficiently recovers.   But this sets up next week pretty, well when Hood and Brock, whose head is also not quite in the game, will be going after Chayton in New Orleans.

See you then.

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