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Monday, February 2, 2015

Helix 2.3: Deterioration of Immortality

Hiroshi is back on Helix - in episode 2.3, the 30 years into the future part.   He adds an important, likely crucial piece to the slowly emerging picture, which is no lightning epidemic but a creeping menace.

He's on the island which is now clearly the locale of the story this season. He looks the same - 30 years is nothing for someone who's an immortal.  But he's suffering from hallucinations, and the visit of Julia brings and confirms the surprising news that there may be flaws and limits to the immortality.

Which raises an important question.   Why is Julia's immortal body beginning to break down, when Hiroshi's - her father's and therefore older body - is not?  Or perhaps we're being told that Hiroshi's mentality is beginning to go, another kind of breakdown.  If that is so, can we believe him when he tells Julia he can cure her immortality deterioration?

Meanwhile, back in our present, we get some strong - if always inconclusive - developments in the cult farm on the island.   Kyle is nearly stoned to death by children, usually sweet, but now afflicted not only with violence but darting eyes.  The scene was a good Village of the Damned little set piece - and, indeed, it may well be that the children are aliens.

As was the case for most in the first season, Ilaria looms evilly in the background.  Julia reveals to Hiroshi under the influence of the truth serum he gives her that she's working for Ilaria.   But the better question is who's working for Ilaria 30 years earlier, in our present, on the island and in the CDC?

Helix continues to put provocative pieces on the board.  But I'm still looking forward to seeing them much more in play.

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