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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Banshee 3.6: Perfect What-If Bookends

A brilliant Banshee 3.6 tonight, with in many ways the best parts being at the beginning and the end, in a pair of what-if bookends. We first get treated to a scene in the bar, which plays out with our hero not taking over the murdered Hood's identity, and instead using his smarts to defuse the situation so everyone survives.  In the end, we see him meeting Siobhan, briefly, right before he leaves town in a car driven by Job.   A powerful little alternate history of Banshee right there.

In between, we get a strong Banshee as we know it, with the best part of that being a kick-ass Rebecca story.   I tell ya, I like her in charge better than her uncle.   And she's beginning to feel that way, too.  She's humiliated when Proctor reverses the tough deal she negotiated, and is beyond just jealous when she sees him walking off to bed with Brock's former wife.   These are the makings of a lethal brew, which will put Burton in the position of supporting Proctor over Rebecca, which I'm mostly but not completely sure he'll do.

As for Chayton, this was actually my least favorite part of the story tonight, though it was excellent in many places as well.  But there were two pieces that weren't.  The arrogant FBI team leader was a little too close to cliche to work well, and Hood - our Hood - not killing Chayton right out when he walks in on him sleeping is the oldest stupid move in the book.  Kill the bad guy, the monster, for crissake - don't toy with him, or think it's better to do it slowly, because the villain will usually use this opportunity for escape.

Still, the black-and-white bookends of Banshee 3.6 were so perfect, so agonizingly fine, that I still rate the episode as outstanding.  Deva, by the way, had her best episode so far this season, too.  And given what's beginning to happen with Proctor and his niece, it looks like were really in for more powerhouse Banshee television this fine year - and next year, too, with the good news that Banshee will be back for  Season 4.

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