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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Black Sails 2.9: The Unlikely Hero

A stunningly good Black Sails 2.9 - after last week's very good 2.8, too, which I didn't get a chance to review - in which all relationships are torn apart and cast asunder, with the hope of some powerful union at the end, a union of the people least likely to want to work in concert, the pirates.

They've been at each other's throats all season.   Vane, in particular, killed the mad Low, and is bent on revenge for what Eleanor did to him.   He has no love for Flint, either.  Yet, in a brilliant and rousing speech at the end of the episode, he proposes an alliance with Flint, against the British.

Vane has come to see the wisdom of Billy's argument that the admiralty sees no difference among pirates, and just wants to destroy them all.   And we've seen the bloody brutality, if not of the governor himself, then his chief man at arms, who puts a bullet in Miranda's head, right in front of our, the Governor's, and most of all Flint's horrified eyes.  It may not be what the Governor wanted, but it's every bit consistent with the arrogant way of life that the pirates have been rebelling against in all ways.

The fate not only of Flint but of Eleanor and Nassau now hangs in the balance, to the extent that the Orca gold seems almost a thin memory.   And who would have believed, even through most of this very episode, that it would be Vane who steps up to be the savior of it all.

But who and what will he be able to save?   Will he even want to save Eleanor, if he gets anywhere near her?   I suppose he could be, if he makes way to where the Governor is, and if the King's men who took Eleanor bring her there.   How many armed men does the Carolina colony now have?  How many pirates can Vane deploy against them?   Billy is a great warrior, and Silver is cunning, but can they overcome the British forces?

Another important character will likely die.  It could even be Vane.   And, for the first time for much of this season, I'm hoping it's not.

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