Monday, March 9, 2015

The Walking Dead 5.13: The Horse and the Party

The tension of the normal ruled The Walking Dead 5.13 - the tension of ordinary life in Alexandria - with the biggest scene being the killing of a horse by walkers.   Actually, that was a pretty powerful vignette.

But the rest of the action took place inside this weirdly cosy world - unsettling, precisely because it was cosy, with the zombie apocalypse proceeding outside.   Rick kissing the doctor's blonde wife on the cheek, when he'd like to do much more.  Carl finally talking to guys his own age about normal things.   Carole offering to bake cookies--

Except, that sequence ends with Carole frightening the kid with a tale of monsters - all too true - in order to get the blonde's son not to tell her what he saw Carole doing, stealing some guns.   Chances are, sooner or later, he'll his mother anyway.   The Carole scene represents the limits of normalcy in Alexandria.

But in some ways, the most frightening depiction is of Daryl's domestication.   He accepts the spaghetti invitation, consumes it with gusto, and then the offer to join the community as a recruiter.   All of this is deeply disturbing because it rings so true, and so false, at the same time.  Even if the series were ending for good this season, it couldn't and wouldn't end this way.

So what's going to happen?  This is the same question that's been hanging in the air like "a floating question why" - to quote Paul Simon in "Cloudy" - all through last week's episode and now this one. And cloudy is a good description of where the future now resides for our heroes.  Replacing the uncertainty of whether they'll live or die is what is going on in this town?

Just a few more episodes to find out this season, in what is shaping up, in its own way, as perhaps the most disquieting season we've seen so far on The Walking Dead.

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no cannibalism but at least a plague in The Consciousness Plague

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