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Friday, March 20, 2015

Vikings 3.5: Massacre

It was a scene reminiscent of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, when Anakin, on his way to becoming Darth Vader, massacres all the Jedi in training at the Jedi school, including children of various ages who take up weapons to defend the school.   Tonight, in Vikings 3.5, we see the Viking settlement in Wessex massacred by King Ecbert's son and his men - a massacre including two Viking boys, one of whom takes up a weapon and bravely fights the murderers before he dies, and another boy, younger, who is slain with an arrow in his back as he tries to flee in the woods.   It was a hatefully powerful scene, bringing home the point that the Christians can be every bit as savage as Ragnar and his invaders.   The cross, in other words, carries no guarantee of human decency.  Indeed, awful atrocities can be committed in its name.

But the worst kick in the gut comes at the end, when we learn that Ecbert's son was actually doing the King's bidding.  Why?  Was Eckbert that upset that Lagertha turned down his proposal?  No, there are likely deeper geopolitical reasons.

But whatever motivated it, Ecbert's act potentially changes everything.  He may be able to lie to Ragnar when he returns, but sooner or later Ragnar will learn the truth - likely from Athelstan, who should learn it sooner, given his deeper connections with his own people, the English.

Whatever Ecbert's motives, what does he think will happen as a result of the massacre which he secretly planned and ordered?   Does he still want to go to Paris with Ragnar?   Was Paris with Ragnar ever part of Ecbert's plans?

One thing is clear: the geopolitics of this age were as complex as they ever had been and ever would be.   So much so that, even though we're also being treated to some fine intrigue back home in Scandinavia - with Floki and Ragnar and Aslaug and Lagertha and Rollo - all of that pales in comparison to that blood on the Viking farmstead in England.

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